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Do you have clients who ask if you offer or know of someone who offers

Photo Booth rentals?

How would you like to get PAID on those referred NEW Photo Booth clients?

Now you can earn $50 for each NEW client referral by signing up with us to be an Approved Vendor. (NEW client = Never used us before.)


* Vendor must be in the party or event planning business.

(IE. Photographers, Videographers, Wedding Planners, DJs, Banquet Halls, Etc.)

* Vendor must place a link on their website.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in getting more information about referring NEW clients to us, send us an email to and include the following.

1 - Your name

2- Business Name

3 - Type of Business

4 - Telephone #

5 - Website Address where to find the link

6 - Specify your payment method (PayPal or Chase Quick Pay)

7- Do you have a Facebook page?

Once you are approved, we will send you a Personal Code for you to give to your clients which will identify you as the referrer. 

We look forward to your referrals and serving your clients!